Cosplay is a wonderful activity for all levels of craftsmanship from buying all of your costume from a shop to handmaking every item and all combinations in between, then transforming yourself into that character.

Even if you aren’t a cosplayer, our Cosplay Zone is a great way to learn about the work that goes into costumes, pick up tips about different materials that can be used to create the outfits for the characters we’ve all grown to love and maybe even inspire you to take part next time.


Now for the exciting part – the Cosplay Masquerade!

At each of our events we offer you the opportunity to be in the spotlight by taking part in the Masquerade, to showcase your costume, modelling and performance. Our judges use many factors when determining who the winners are, but fundamentally everyone who enters has a chance at winning something!

Simply sign up online prior to the event to guarantee your spot (online registration links will appear below for each show closer to the event) or sign up on the day before 1pm at the cosplay desk. Enjoy up to 3 minutes on stage posing in character or performing a rehearsed routine and most importantly have a great time.

You could be in the chance of winning £200, a weekend ticket to London Film and Comic Con and guaranteed entry into our Grand Final held at London Film and Comic Con where you could win £1000.

Alongside this amazing first place award we have other prizes such as cash, vouchers, trophies and certificates on offer. We also have some fantastic cosplay items which will be given away during the events which have been provided by Xcoser.

You can find their full range of great cosplay items by clicking on the image
Don’t forget if you type ‘showmaster’ at checkout you will get 20% off.

Cosplay Guests

Our Cosplay Guests are warm and welcoming, with great advice to be offered to both budding and experienced Cosplayers. Each Cosplay Guest has a specialist skill set from armour work & sewing to SFX make up & electronics and they are keen to share their knowledge with you.

In the Cosplay Zone Cosplay Guests have their own area to display and showcase their amazing work, so make sure to give them a visit and say hello

If you are interested in becoming a Cosplay Guest please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for an application form.

Cosplay Stage

As well as the cosplay masquerade our stage is filled with entertaining and fun activities which everyone can enjoy. Take a seat and learn new ways to pose or find out how to get started with that new project. Our Cosplay Guests bring new and exciting content to every event for you enjoy for free.

Guest Panels

Tap into our Cosplay Guests specialist knowledge on all things Cosplay. Interactive panels will give you insight into materials and techniques as well as touching on some of the less tangible aspects of the discipline such as screen accuracy and maintaining motivation

Fun Fandom Prize Quiz

All attendees are welcome to come and take part in our quiz suitable for all ages. Simply grab an answer sheet from the stage, think of a creative team name and let your fandom knowledge do the rest.

Cosplay Sketch Off

Grab a pen and a sketch off sheet and put your artistic skills to the test by sketching the cosplayer shown on screen. Leave your entry at the Cosplay Desk and you’ll be entered into a prize draw

Cosplay Bingo

Visit the Cosplay Desk to pick up a Bingo Sheet. Take photos of you completing the Actions and post on Social Media with the hashtag on the sheet and you can be in with chance of winning tickets to a future SM event


Photo Shoots

Cosplay Photo Shoots are a fantastic opportunity for you to have your photograph taken professionally at our event – these images will be uploaded to our Cosplay at Showmasters Facebook Page after the event, so that you can download them for free! For only £5 you can take a physical copy of the image home with you; a great memento from the event!


Cosplay Guidelines


Do I have to enter the masquerade if I’m in Cosplay?
Entering the masquerade is entirely down to individual choice, we encourage anyone to take part who wants to, but if you are more comfortable watching then we welcome your support in the audience during the masquerade

I didn’t make my cosplay, can I still enter?
Of course! Although you have to have made 80% or more of your Cosplay to be in with a chance of winning first place, everyone is eligible for all other prize categories

Is there an age limit for entering the cosplay masquerade?
We welcome people of all ages to enter the cosplay masquerade. Anyone under the age of 16 will need a parent or guardian with them although they do not have to go on stage!

Do you have changing rooms?
Changing room availability varies at each event, please send us an email with your specific event enquiry and we will get back to you.
We can guarantee changing rooms will be available at London Film and Comic Con

If you are travelling to the event in your Cosplay please be mindful that members of the public may not be aware of what Cosplay involves and keep any realistic weapons props and costumes that could be misinterpreted (such as military style uniforms) covered until you arrive

Is there somewhere I can store my suitcase / props?
Cloakroom facilities vary by event and are provided by the venue rather than by Showmasters. We recommend contacting the venue for the event you are attending to check what facilities they will have available. We are unable to store any items in the Cosplay Zone

Can I take photos of / with cosplayers?
Most cosplayers would love to have their photograph taken but please always ask before taking a photo


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cosplay at showmasters


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