Crew @ Cardiff November 2014

Showmasters was founded back in 2002 when two friends had the idea to create an experience where fans could meet their idols face-to-face.

Over a decade on and there’s a Showmasters event running somewhere on most weekends of the year, helping to make fans’ dreams come true time and time again!

Having hosted several thousand fan favourites, from the likes of Stan Lee and Benedict Cumberbatch to Carrie Fisher and,  Michael J. Fox, we’ve proved that not only do the public enjoy meeting their screen idols, but those idols also love the opportunity to meet their fans.

Jason Joiner, Managing Director of Showmasters, recalls how “back in 2002 there were just three of us working on this full time and maybe another 15 or so friends would help us on a show weekend. Now we have an office full of people working all year round, and up to 350 crew members who volunteer to help make the events happen. It’s like having a huge extended family! Seeing how much enjoyment the events bring is something that makes me very proud of everyone involved.”


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