Please complete the form below to be considered for a press pass for London Film & Comic Con (other Film & Comic Cons by Showmasters has a seperate press form).

The Press Pass's main function is to allow members of the press to interview and approach guests for promotional reasons. If you have no intention of interviewing guests, and have other interests in our event we would ask that you do not apply for a press pass as numbers allocated are based on the availability of guests - by applying for a pass with no intention of interviewing a guest you are taking the opportunity away from an outlet that may be turned away who did want to speak to the guests.

Please be aware that there are only a very limited number of passes available for LFCC.  This is due to a number of factors mainly managing expectations and that only a few guests are available to speak to the press.  Please do not assume that every guest announced will give an interview - commitments to the event, the fans, may mean they are not available on the day.

Photography - we will have a limited number of press photography passes available for this event, please be very clear in your application if you are a photographer only.

Applications will begin to be reviewed 14 days before the event and notifications will follow soon after, applications made within the 14 days before the event will not be recorded and you will not hear from us, once passes are being reviewed the data is not be downloaded again for consideration so please do not expect a response.

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By applying for a press pass there is never a guarantee - there is always high demand and only a limiited number of passes available for London Film & Comic Con. You may not be notified until a week before the event as to whether your application has been successful.  If you purchase photo shoot/talk tickets in advance we would advise you to buy an entry ticket at that point to ensure entry to the event.  Showmasters Ltd can not be held responsible for any Photo Shoot/Talk Tickets being purchased on the assumption of getting a press pass issued if the event sells out.  No refunds will be issued in this instance.

Showmasters LTD reserve the right to revolk any issued passes prior or during the event with no notice/warning.


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