Showmasters joins forces with Animangapop

Showmasters Ltd, Europe’s largest organisers of Film and Comic Cons and licensed Sci-fi/TV events is joining forces Animangapop, one of the UKs leading Anime conventions.

Starting in 2014 running a single-day event, Animangapop have grown and now runs 4 very popular and successful events in different locations around the United Kingdom. Joining forces with Showmasters Events their unique skills and their place in the cosplay community makes them the best choice to take the cosplay activities at Showmasters’ comic cons up and down the UK to the next level of fun and excitement. Its an amazing opportunity to bring the cosplay community many more events for them to excel at the hobby they love and be able to show their skills and talent to a much bigger audience at these amazing events in collaboration with Showmasters.

Mark Bayliss, Co-founder of Animangapop said “Our team have worked tirelessly over the years to bring good-quality Anime shows to the public and joining forces with Showmasters was a natural progression for us. We are  excited about the future and what it holds for all involved”.

Jason Joiner, Owner of Showmasters Ltd said “The Cosplay community has always been an important part of our events over the years, so we are so pleased to be joining forces with Animangapop as they are a dedicated team that love cosplay and are connecting to its origins in Japan. They are the right people we need to help us grow the cosplay activities at all our events across the UK over the coming months and years. It’s such an exciting time for us all!’’

About Showmasters:

Showmasters Ltd are specialists in Comic Cons and Pop Culture events across the UK and Europe. They are the largest events company in their field and for over 20 years have run the hugely popular London Film & Comic Con and many comic cons that have a combined attendance of over 500,000 attendees over the average year.

In 2022 they are looking to run at least six Film & Comic Con and Collectormania events across the UK, as well as around 50 other events in this field with more to be added going into 2023.

Working with Massive Events Ltd they also co-run events such as the ‘Destination Star Trek’ Europe's only officially licensed Star Trek event and ‘Sherlocked’, officially licensed Hartswoood, covering the BBC TV Show ‘Sherlock’. These are run in various locations worldwide throughout the year.


About Animangapop:

Animangapop are specialists in Japanese and Asian POP Culture events with their current flag-ship weekender show held in Plymouth. They have been creating events since 2014 and in 2022 will see events being hosted in Newport, Brighton and Glasgow.

The founders of Animangapop have been working very closely with Japanese companies for nearly a decade. Handling fashion brand management, Fashion shows in Europe, model and influencer management for UK and European markets as well as having a shared office in Shibuya, Tokyo. Their contacts in the Japanese POP-Culture market are second to none.


For further information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or visit

For further information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit



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