We are pleased to announce we have three great cosplay guests at Bournemouth. They will be taking part in stage activities over the weekend and on hand to give advice to up and coming cosplayers 

Kaldorei Cosplay 

I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years now; I originally started to increase my confidence as I was so shy!! But now it’s turned into my favorite pass time, I love making complicated costumes and seeing myself improve each time. My favorite costumes are my World of Warcraft ones as I’m obsessed with that game for years now.

Photographer: Artflower Fotografie

Tinufel Cosplay 

I picked up courage two years ago and started cosplaying Link from the Legend of Zelda games. I've always been creative and a huge fan of cosplay, and dreamed of doing it... but never did. Then I went through a tough time and felt I had nothing left to lose, so I started making Link. I threw everything I had at it... and it gave so much back. I have built on old knowledge, whilst also teaching myself soldering, mechanics, 3D designing and printing, foam and worbla, amongst many other skills.

Link is just the beginning. I plan to do bigger and bolder costumes in the future. Taking my dream seriously has been one of the most challenging, amazing and rewarding things I've ever tried. It's a wonderful community, and a huge amount of fun can be had making and wearing cosplay. Never give up on your dream!

Photographer: Lotus Photography UK www.facebook.com/LotusPhotographyUK/

ALPHABETY cosplay 

I have been cosplaying for about 3 years now. Starting off from a beginner buying and modifying costumes then advancing to making all my own costumes and props such as armour builds made with Eva foam and worbla to more recently working with fabrics and sewing. Some costumes I have made include a Raider from Fallout 4, complete with pipe rifle, and characters from Skyrim such as a Falmer. If you wish to follow my work you can find me on the following social media links:

Photographer: www.satindressphotography.co.uk/


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