Guests appear subject to work commitments. Charges will be made for autographs. Photographs of the guests will be available. Not all guests will be appearing on all days.


There will be a charge for each actor's autograph. Prices are listed on each guest page.

Photographing the Guests

We recognise that getting a photo with a guest can be important. Therefore, when you meet the guest to obtain your autograph, there is usually no further charge for taking a photo with them.

However, as the day progresses, it does sometimes become necessary to stop photos in order that the guests can get through demand and meet more people, otherwise there would be fans that would go home not having met them at all.

Please also bear in mind that whilst guests are often willing to pose for photos with fans, there may be many reasons why they decline. If this happens please do respect their wishes - there will be signs clearly on display to indicate when photography is not allowed.

We would please ask that during the talks you confine any flash photography to the first 5 minutes of the talk, as this can cause a distraction and be very off-putting to the guest and the rest of the audience.

Use of Video Cameras

The use of video cameras is permitted in the dealers room, although we would advise asking someone's permission before filming them. All we ask is that you use your discretion and not to film anyone that doesn't want to be filmed (this goes for fans, staff and dealers as well as guests).

Video Cameras and video/sound recording equipment (including the use of recording facilities on mobile phones) is NOT allowed into Guest Talks or screenings. This is for a number of reasons both legal and practical.

Pre-ordering Autographs

If you are unable to attend the event you can still pre-order autographs from HERE.

Virtual Queuing

To help cut down the amount of time you have to spend standing in a queue we have introduced a virtual queuing system.

  • When you join the end of a guest's queue you will be handed a ticket with a number on it. (There is no cost for these tickets)
  • Once you have your ticket you will then be free to wander around the event or join other queues.
  • Ticket numbers will then be announced (in batches of around 50) once the previous group of people have their autographs, and you can then join the much smaller queue of fans who hold those numbers.

We do advise that you try to get there early if there is a guest you are particularly keen to meet as VQ tickets are limited.

More Questions?

If you still have questions about the event, please check out the links (top of the page) for details of how to get there, opening times, etc.

Or why not visit our forum or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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